Yellow Card Training


Do I need a licence to operate Elevated Work Platforms?
Yes, you either require a Worksafe "High Risk" Licence for boom lifts over 11 metre platform height or proof of training for all other access equipment, please call our staff to ensure you have the correct licence for the equipment you are operating on 1300 82 92 95.

Are EWPA Yellow Cards recognised nationally?
The EWPA is the peak industry body for the access equipment industry, its members include;
- All of the major hire company's
- All of the manufacturers
- All of the major training organisations
over 250 000 Yellow Cards have been issued as proof of training on access equipment since the mid 1990's, the Yellow Card is issued in all the states and territory's of Australia and is the most commonly recognised proof of training card available.

I already know how to drive a scissor lift, why do I need the card?
Laws vary from state to state but in Victoria an employee can be fined just over $200 000.00 and spend up to 5 years in jail if they have an accident in a machine that they are not trained to drive. An employer can also be fined nearly $1 000 000.00 and spend up to 5 years in jail if they knowingly allow their employees to operate any equipment they are not trained to operate and there is an accident as a result.

Have you ever operated a scissor lift ilegally?
How long does the course take?
 Courses can take between 2 and 4 hours to complete depending on the number of students in the course and the type of equipment you are being trained on, our staff can advise you over the phone on course duration.
Can I drive the equipment as soon as the course is finished?
 Yes, the trainer will issue you with temporary paperwork that will allow you to operate the ewp you have been trained on immediately for 60 days. In that 60 day period you will receive your permanent plastic card in the mail.