Yellow Card Training

Worksafe High Risk Licensing
The new "units of competency" for high risk licensing has commenced in Victoria, and is due to commence in Western Australia as of the 1st January 2013. Go Workplace Training is already using the new units of competency in those states so our customers won't be affected by the changes. For more information please contact the office on
1300 82 92 95.

Changes to the EWPA Yellow Card
The EWPA intends to change the requirement to get your yellow card early next year. Once again, as is the trend with all training and licensing at the moment, this will mean it will take more time and cost more to sit the course. The changes are due early in 2013, we will keep you updated on the progress.

EWPA Yellow Cards

The Elevated Work Platform Assoc of Australia (EWPA) oversees the Yellow card trained operator program and has over 300 authorised trainers in every state and territory of Australia.